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In addition to visiting the city's museum which tells the story of the Foundation of the municipality of Dumont, by Henrique Dumont, father of Alberto Santos Dumont who spent his entire childhood in the Municipality, you can see several works linked to the Illustrious resident and registered in Praça José Negri , the remaining houses of Fazenda Dumont can still be visited by appointment and learn about the history of the Patron Saint Imaculada Conceição in the nearby Church.

cultural Center

Centro cultural “Osvaldo Marin Fernandez” 

O município de Dumont com todo o seu legado histórico possui para visitação o Centro Cultural que foi inaugurado em 23 de agosto de 2013. O espaço abriga a Biblioteca Municipal Roberto Donegá e o acervo do Museu Santos Dumont. Neste local são recebidos os turistas e visitantes e aqui conhecem um pouco da cidade. 
No  local  acontece  Oficinas de Pipa tal qual o menino fazia no seu tempo de menino e ficava na varanda a comtemplar os céus de Dumont. Daqui saem os passeios guiados pelos pontos turísticos e históricos e para os roteiros locais.

Endereço: Avenida 13 de Maio, nº 10 no Centro da cidade.
Telefone: (16) 3944-1895

Horário funcionamento: Segunda-feira a Sexta-feira das 08h às 17.

Alberto Santos Dumont House

Alberto Santos Dumont House
The house that belonged to the Dumont Family in the farm days became the building that houses the City Hall. The Dumont house was built in 1879, to serve as a home for Engineer Henrique Dumont and his family. With typical Brazilian colonial style from the time of coffee farms with a covered balcony with Paulistinha tiles and decorated railings.
The building is listed by CONDEPHAAT - Council for the Defense of Historical, Archaeological, Artistic and Tourist Heritage of the state of São Paulo according to Process Number 21240/80 (CONDEPHAAT, 2021).

In addition to being the seat of executive power, it is the city's main museum, providing experience and experience on visits to the house of “Alberto Santos Dumont”.
And according to historians' records, Santos Dumont declared:
“It was there that I lived the happiest years of my life”

Address: Praça José Negri, Centro
Telephone: (16) 3944-1895
Opening hours: In person from Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm

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Immaculate Conception Church

Immaculate Conception Church
It is an English-style building, according to recent surveys it is believed that the church was built with the intention of being an Anglican-style Protestant church and that before it became a parish it would have been a private chapel of the Lords of the Ancient English company Dumont Coffee Company.

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